Shalom Airport Ministry


It is to greet new arrivals and travelers at Trudeau International Airport with information, material goods, and spiritual support.

It is open to all church members aged 18 and up; ideally able to speak more than one language.

What has God been doing in 2019?

Our main focus in 2019 was to tend to the needs of a group of about 20+ people. Indeed, three families arrived in Canada as refugees from Mexico. Shalom Airport Ministry has helped them in many ways through such as the search for a household, moving, translating during visits to the doctor’s and kids’ school. Most importantly, SAM has been able to share the Gospel with them through a life group in Spanish and through our testimonies and our lives.

Prayer requests

Please pray for our awesome team of volunteers, so they will be able to find the time and means to continue God’s work.

Pray for God to guide us in tending to the needs of those around us. To God be the Glory, now and forever, Amen.


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