Men’s Ministry


To provide an opportunity for Snowdon men to fellowship and grow in the faith together.

It is open to all men 18 and over, whether from Snowdon or not.

Where and When?

There are various events and actives from Breakfast with God’s Word (food followed by God’s Word and prayer), hiking, BBQs and other opportunities for men to gather for fellowship.

About the Men’s Fellowship

At Snowdon Baptist Church, we celebrate diversity! Part of that celebration is the loud and clear proclamation that men are men and women are women (Gen. 5:2); equal but different. Indeed, Professor Al Mohler has written

“Men and women equally bear the image of God; yet, they are distinct in their roles, as men seek to glorify God in biblical masculinity while women glorify God through biblical femininity”

The Men’s Group at Snowdon has been set up with a view to working out the nitty gritty of what it means to glorify God in biblical masculinity. 

The Men’s Group is so much more than our occasional breakfasts. However, with the notable exception of one (never to be repeated …) over-ambitious attempt at cooking Eggs Benedict, high-quality, nutritious and delicious man-sized breakfasts, forming the catalyst for much bonhomie and fellowship, have been the starting point of our meetings.

Following breakfast, we may listen to a testimony or watch a DVD together. However, we don’t want to just be spectators of an event featuring a talented speaker. This is why, in the last part of our meetings, we gather together in smaller groups to discuss what we are learning, to share and to pray for each other

Special activities have included attending a Promise Keepers Conference, hikes and walks and a men’s barbecue.

The Men’s Group is intended to be a safe space where we can let our guards down, and experience real connections that happen as we reach out to each other. No-one understands a man like another man and we need one another!

A friend loves at all times,

    and a brother is born for a time of adversity.

Proverbs 17 : 17 (NIV)


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