Second Video Montage

It’s hard to believe that we have not seen each other in over six months.  

With the Christmas season slowly approaching, I suggested to the church leadership team that we invite our Snowdon family to participate in a second video montage which we could show in December.     

Many of you participated in the first montage, which we shared on May 5, 2020 and we thank you for that.  Here is the YouTube link if you’d like to see it again:

The goal of this second video montage would be to encourage and minister to each other by answering these three questions on camera:

1.       How has the Lord been ministering to you/your family during the pandemic?

2.       What challenges have you been working through; how can the church be praying for you?

3.       What word of encouragement (Scriptural or otherwise) do you have for your church family?

Please try to answer the questions by video within 2 to 4 minutes.  

We would like to see more children encouraging and blessing our church family!  To do so, would you ask your kids to say a few words to their church friends?   They could also draw a picture about something they’ve done during the pandemic, at school or at home, which you could upload as a photograph.    Be sure to include the child’s first name and age on the drawing.  

Since we will be posting this video on YouTube, be mindful about not sharing personal details such as surnames.

To send in your video or photos, simply upload them on this link:   (see attached image)

When uploading a video or photo, write your first name, or the first name of your child(ren), in the box entitled “Your name” on the website above. 

Deadline for submissions is Friday November 20th. 

We look forward to worshipping again in person.  In the meantime, the video montage is a good start!     If you didn’t participate in the first one, we hope you’ll consider participating in this second one.  Please don’t be shy – there are no perfect videos!   It’s a lot of fun, and will make a great souvenir of these defining times we’re going through together.   

God’s blessings to you, 

Murielle & Harry Antoine