To the Dear Congregation of Snowdon Baptist Church,

Psalm 130:7 beckons us to hope in the LORD, for with the LORD there is steadfast
love, and with Him there is plentiful redemption. I am praying for your hope. I am
praying also for God to provide for you and to console and strengthen you until this
season passes and we can meet again. I am praying for God to deliver us from this

Some updates:

• Our first online “service” video was posted to our YouTube channel on Sunday,
March 22. We will continue to post these services weekly, and we apologize for
not having it ready at 10:30 a.m. this week. We hope to have the next one online
in a timely fashion (10:30 a.m.) next Sunday. Thanks for your patience as we learn
to provide worship through technology! We hope to enhance the Sunday videos
as we move forward, possibly adding additional elements to the “service”, along
with preaching and prayer.

• Remember to prepare your hearts and minds for communion this Sunday, March
29, which I will lead on the video. Have some juice and/or water at hand (water if
you have no juice), along with a piece of cracker or bread.

• I am now providing a daily Bible study & encouragement video called “1225
Live”, both on the church Facebook page and on our YouTube channel. It will be
posted Monday through Friday, for the foreseeable future, at (or around) 12:25
p.m. for Facebook, and a little later in the day on YouTube.

• Many of us are getting creative in our efforts to reach out to one another during
this season. May it continue, and may it increase! Thanks to those of you who
have reached out to our family. So far, we are doing well, but I ask you to pray for
Silas especially, since he continues (for now) to work his cashier’s job at Couche
Tard. Although he is wearing gloves, the constant handling of cash is a concern.

• If you are online, we encourage you to meet together via Skype, Whereby, Zoom,
Facetime (or another of the many options), for prayer meetings and to offer
encouragements. Please contact Charles for inquiries concerning church small
groups meeting online.

• Many of you have already taken advantage of electronic giving option. Thank you
for your continued obedience to the Lord. Each of us must remember the
importance of giving to the church, even during this season when we are unable
to meet. Please see the links on the website for additional information and
instructions. To reiterate, a second option for giving is to mail a cheque to the
church. If you are a senior who would like to give but you are unable to leave
your home in order to go to a mailbox, please contact your deacon to arrange
cheque (or cash) pickup at your home.

• Some Pertinent Links:

Our church website:

Our church Facebook page:

Our church YouTube channel:

A regularly updated and informative site on the spread of the Coronavirus:

Stay encouraged. Stay hopeful. Stay strong in the Lord’s might. Call out to Him. Depend
on Him. Love your neighbour, and love God.

In the warmth of His grace and love,
Pastor Brent