Letter to Congregation 30-03-2020

Dear Snowdon Congregation,

I begin with a verse from 1 John: “Beloved, let us love one another for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God” (1 John 4:7).  I am so greatly encouraged by all the love that is going out from one to another in our congregation during this strange season. Let’s keep up the phone calls, online meetings, emails, and messages, and let’s continue to assist each other in whatever ways we can.

Some updates:

  1. Holy Week will soon be upon us. It’s the high point in the church year, and even though we won’t be able to gather together for services, let’s plan to worship in the following ways:

A. You can use the following chart to remember and observe events that took place on each day of Holy Week:

April 5: Palm SundayThe 1st day of the week

The Triumphal Entry which puts Jesus in Jerusalem

Monday, April 6Traditionally associated with Jesus cleansing the temple
Tuesday, April 7-Controversy with the chief priests and elders in the temple courts who question Jesus’ authority

-Jesus teaches his last parables on the Mount of Olives

-Jesus warns people about the Pharisees

-Jesus prophesies about future events


April 8

Traditionally a day of rest

April 9

Passover Feast/The Last Supper

Jesus issues the Great Commandment

Garden of Gethsemane

The Betrayal, the arrest, the desertion, false trials, Peter’s denial, condemnation of Jesus, mockery, beatings.

Good Friday,

April 10

The Crucifixion

Friday night: Jesus is placed in the tomb

Sabbath begins, will last through Saturday

Sunday, April 11The Resurrection

B.   We will provide a Palm Sunday service, a Good Friday message, and an Easter Sunday service Please plan to join us for each. The Good Friday message will be posted at noon that day.

  1. 1225 Live is available every day (Monday through Friday) on our YouTube channel. Soon there will be a special guest appearing, who will surely bring blessing to us for one or two episodes. Stay tuned!
  1. As mentioned in Sunday’s service video, we are organizing a ministry of care to our vulnerable members. If you would like to take advantage of this ministry, please call-in your order (groceries, prescription pickup with payment details) to Sandra by Thursday at the latest (514-486-9860). Delivery can be expected on Friday or Saturday, and you must be at home (with a working phone) for the delivery.
  1. Wednesday evening prayer meeting is resuming, but in an online format! If you are interested in joining, please contact Robert Owens at: onlineministry@gmail.com.
  1. Please pray especially for those in our congregation who work in the healthcare field. Ask God for to protect them, to strengthen them, to give them wisdom and courage, and to help them in every way.

Finally, I want to wish each of you a peaceful, safe, blessed week. May God bring our hearts & minds continuously to the hope of the gospel. Stay encouraged in Him, and stay well!

In the Strong Name of Jesus,

Pastor Brent